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Credits (photographs)

Federal Chancellery

Aerial view (Hopi Media), Ballhausplatz 2 (István Lauringer)
Virtual tour: all photographs and panorama pictures (Federal Chancellery), staircase / picture 3 (István Lauringer)
History: Court Chancellery 1733 (Austrian National Library–Picture Archive), Emperor Karl VI (Austrian National Library–Picture Archive), Maria Theresa (Viennaslide/Harald Jahn), Kaunitz (Federal Chancellery), Metternich (Federal Chancellery), Congress of Vienna 1814/15 (Austrian National Library–Picture Archive), Schwarzenberg (HBF), Emperor Francis Joseph (Austrian State Archives), Dollfuß memorial (István Lauringer), Schuschnigg (Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes), Federal Chancellery 1945 (Federal Chancellery), signing of the Marshall Plan agreement (Austrian National Library–Picture Archive), aerial view of the Federal Chancellery (Hopi Media)