This magnificent baroque staircase leads to the Chancellor's office and state rooms and is dominated by a black wrought iron banister decorated with ornate candelabras.

However, modern art has also found a place. The landing is adorned by "The Little Prince", a work by the famous Austrian sculptor Fritz Wotruba (1907-1975) that was given as a gift to Chancellor Bruno Kreisky (1911-1990) in 1973.

Magnificent Baroque Staircase

Fig. 1: Middle section of the staircase (© BPD/imb)

Bronze Statue

Fig. 2: “The Little Prince” by Fritz Wotruba (© BPD/imb)


Since 2009, the wall along the side of the staircase has been used to display contemporary art, which is replaced frequently. For many decades before 2009 a Flemish tapestry had been hung here.

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