Congress Hall

Media Alternative

Speaker: The Congress Hall is certainly the most history-laden room of the Federal Chancellery. World history was made in this room! The Vienna Congress was held here in the years 1814 and 1815. And this is also where Europe was politically and territorially reorganised under the lead of Prince Metternich, who also went down in history as the "Coachman of Europe".

Five doors for five rulers: The legend was handed down that the rulers of the most important European monarchies had to enter the room at the same time through one of the five doors to sign the congress proceedings. This was supposedly required by the protocol. Such a meeting of rulers has, however, never taken place. The treaty was signed by the authorised representatives and ratified by the monarchs only later.

Nowadays, the Congress Hall is used for the weekly press conferences after the meetings of the Council of Ministers. At this media event, the decisions of the Council of Ministers are presented for news dissemination through the radio, television or the web.